A 4-week course to create your new life...

even during global uncertainty!

The world, as you know it, appears to be ending.

As you look around the world, you see Orwellian-level tyranny, pharmaceutical corruption, collapsing food systems, and a looming economic crash.

On top of it all, so many people seem to be asleep. They comply without question, believing mainstream media and blindly “following the science."

Talk about an uncertain time to be alive!

Given the turbulent state of the world,
you might wonder:

"How will I be okay in the coming months and years?"

"How can I protect and provide for my loved ones?"

"How do I financially prepare for an uncertain future?"

Preoccupied with surviving,

you might dismiss your dreams of thriving.

Is it still possible to achieve financial freedom, radiant health, lifestyle luxury, and epic love in this uncertain world?

Yes it is!

You just need the keys to UNLOCK YOUR FUTURE.

This 4-week catalyst course is for you if:

  • You feel STUCK. You want to move forward, but you’re waiting on something — or someone — in your life to change.
  • You feel financially UNPREPARED. You believe your resources are inadequate in the face of economic uncertainty and Orwellian political agendas.
  • You feel OVERWHELMED. With all your daily demands, you don’t know how you’re supposed to make progress towards your dream life.

...And yet, deep down, you feel HOPEFUL! You believe a bright future is somehow possible.


Ready to go from STUCK and CONFLICTED, to PRODUCTIVE and CLEAR?
These KEYS catalyze subconscious, spiritual, and emotional shifts.


4 TEACHING MODULES share practical yet spiritually-grounded steps to unlock your future.


BEYOND THE RULEBOOK WORKBOOK takes you through an intense 30 day journey of self-awareness.


BRAIN RE-WIRING TECHNIQUES changes your subconscious mind, effortlessly shifting patterns of self-sabotage.


FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY is a type of personalized vibrational medicine to release trapped emotions.



Live Q+A time and intuitive insight from Lauren ensures all the custom support you need



Permanent access to all the teaching materials and online platform.

Are you stuck in hidden patterns of SELF-SABOTAGE?
If so, you might look at your life and think:

  • "Other people are ruining my life."
    Here’s the truth: When you use the keys to your future, every single “toxic person” in your life disappears.
  • "I just can't get a break."
    Here’s the truth:
    You’ll experience your “breakthrough” when you change your subconscious and emotional patterns. 
  • "I can’t move forward until something or someone in my life changes."
    Here’s the truth: This belief is a hidden form procrastination... the only one who needs to change is you.

Ready to overcome self-sabotage and spring forward into your new life? This course provides the KEYS you need!

After completing the course, you will:

  • Have clarity and confidence about your next life steps
  • Take the baby steps required to achieve your big dreams
  • Gracefully navigate conflict and confusion using your own intuitive insight
  • Utilize powerful “Life Creation” practices and techniques
  • Practice spiritual wisdom and integrity in your life major transitions

*Course results vary depending on each client and the time, energy, and focus invested. If you use the tools and techniques provided in the course, however, profound transformation is a typical result. 


Meet Your Coach

LAUREN GEERTSEN is the creator of EmpoweredSustenance.com, a holistic health website that's reached over 40 million readers.

She's Body Connection Coach and the author of many books including The Invisible Corset: Break Free From Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self.

An experienced intuitive, Lauren offers unique insight to help her clients identify and shift subconscious blocks.

By combining this intuitive insight with subconscious re-wiring techniques, Lauren's coaching is typically far more efficient than counseling or psychotherapy.

Praise From Lauren's Group Coaching

[Lauren's program] is transformative, and difficult.  I had to be completely honest with myself and really examine my true self, my motives, my beliefs.  But it helped me develop a new sense of self compassion and trust, renewing my motivation and passion.  I started art classes and even finally applied for a new job! " - Christina B.


"Lauren's course far exceeded my expectations and I’m so grateful that I committed myself to the journey. Lauren is a truly gifted intuitive and has created a program that intentionally takes the student through an intense but lovingly supported paradigm shifting experience." - Erin Y.


"In the first week alone I had so many breakthroughs -- growing awareness and sense of self, a clarity on events of the past.  Every week that followed was a flood of doors opening up inside me, with all these deep truths and revelations just pouring out." - Elizabeth K.

What's holding you back from
moving forward with this course?

  • "I don't know what my dreams are."

Then it’s time to discover them! This program helps you discover your own original ideals for your life, rather than having your future dictated by others.

  • “Money is tight.”

Yes it is… don’t you want it to be looser?

If you don’t change in uncomfortable ways, your financial situation will likely stay the same. It's time to invest in yourself so you can experience a more abundant future.

  • “I don’t have the time.”

Your external circumstances won't become peaceful until your internal character becomes peaceful.

The sooner you start this course, the sooner you can enjoy a calm life.

The world as we know it is ending.


This course will unlock the beginning of your new life!



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    Got Questions?

    Can I do this program with my spouse/life partner?

    Yes! If doing this with your spouse/life partner, you can sign up on one enrollment. When you attend the live calls, you must join on the same Zoom screen (be in the same location and have the same shipping address).

    You will need to purchase an additional copy of the workbook and an additional set of flower essences for $115. You will see an option to do this after you enroll in the program.

    What are flower essences?

    The flower essences (not essential oils) are flavorless tinctures, which hold the energetic imprint of specific flowers. They are a type of vibrational medicine.

    Click here to learn more about the Floral Song Flower Essences used in this program, which are formulated and prepared by Lauren.

    Three flower essences are included with this program.

    Will I be mailed the workbook?

    Yes! The workbook will be mailed to you when you enroll in the program. You can learn more about the Beyond The Rulebook workbook here.

    How much time does it take?

    The key word for this course is EFFICIENCY! It is designed to fit into your busy schedule, and yet create profound change. Plan on spending two hours per week learning and practicing the materials.

    When are the group Q and A calls?

    The live group calls are every Tuesday of the program, at 4pm PST. This time is to accommodate as many international timezones as possible.

    The calls are recorded if you cannot attend live.

    Will I have access to the materials after the 4 weeks?

    Yes! You get lifetime access to the program materials and the group calls.

    Is there a refund policy?

    A refund is available if requested at least a week prior to the program start date, minus a $30 refund fee. The flower essences and workbook must be returned unopened, and return shipping costs are not covered. Contact lauren@laurengeertsen.com.

    More Praise From Lauren's Group Coaching

    "Lauren is a gentle soul and a wonderful, supportive coach. I cannot recommend her program highly enough. There isn't anything else like it out there." - M.G.


    "Thank you Lauren for offering such a comprehensive and meaningful program. Your insights, support, compassion, and creative ways to challenge my beliefs and patterns are all much appreciated.

    Uncomfortable at times...yes...but very much needed. Your approach has helped me to start developing a much healthier relationship with myself and to let my True Self start to step forward." J.S.


    "I’m so grateful for the vulnerability and transparency in the group calls. Thank you Lauren for holding us through it all and creating such a powerful course, and giving me SO MUCH to work with.

    I feel that I’ll be working with this material for months to come. I appreciate all the love, thoughtfulness and radical revolutionary fusion of healing magic that you've put together here!" - Haley W.


    "This program is not for the faint of heart! I know that the growth I've experienced and the wisdom I've gained in her program will continue to reverberate in the weeks, months, and for years to come. Gather your courage and take the leap!" - Lynn S.


    "I feel a spiritual awakening happening. I have been seeking after my divine potential and I’m excited to release more false beliefs and patterns and to reach my higher potential!

    You are a part of healing and answers to multiple prayers I have had continuing for many years. I’m grateful I followed the prompting to take your class. It’s resonating so strongly with me on so many levels!" – Heather W.


    "I was very excited about the variety of methods used to create the opportunity for self discovery and learning, and even more impressed to find them all in one program. The Q&A calls were full of support and really helped bring the learning together for me. This class was exactly what I was looking for!" Jessica D.


    My work with Lauren was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself over the past year.  We touched upon multiple areas of growth relating to authenticity, sexuality, money, and body confidence. Months later, I still think about what we discussed and refer back to my notes.  – Melissa B.


    This course is opening up my intuitive capacities that were repressed with my food issues. I’ve had SO much psychic stuff come through since I began this course -- it's been a huge moment of connection with Source/Spirit /Guides or whatever you want to call it. - Nicola W.


    When you can't go any further on your own, [Lauren's coaching] helps you find out who you really are, and who you can be without food holding you in its grip. Truly enlightening! - Peggy D.


    "Lauren’s program is nothing short of a divinely appointed gift. My spirit and body experienced true connection through the workbook, and I am finding myself working with it again and again for deeper connection to myself and my innate body wisdom.

    The program, the flower essences, the meditations and exercises, and Lauren’s energy together alchemize healing in ways that words cannot express, but each person will experience at a deep soul level." - K.W.

    As with any mindset program, your results with the UNLOCKING YOUR LIFE course may vary from clients' testimonials. Results are based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time investment, health status, and willingness to show up for self growth. Since these factors differ for each individual, I cannot guarantee your results. UNLOCKING YOUR LIFE is not a "magic pill solution." I provide tools for spiritual transformation, and it's up to you to put the tools to use.

    Neither Lauren, as the coach, nor the UNLOCKING YOUR LIFE course offers medical advice. No statements about or within the course have been evaluated by the FDA, and the course is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.