We protect your right to make health decisions without mandates, force, or coercion.

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We’re the Washington State Chapter of Health Freedom For Humanity, a nonprofit dedicated to the reclamation and defense of health freedom.

We're a community of advocates, healthcare professionals, parents, lawyers, teachers, business owners, and employees who stand to ensure Health Freedom for all.

We come from every religion, political affiliation, socioeconomic background, and philosophy on personal health but are united in our belief that mandated medical procedures of any kind, medical coercion, or any restrictions on health choice violate basic human rights.

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We work together for the reclamation and defense of health freedom.

We welcome you to stand with us to protect and advance this right, through education, personal empowerment, community support, and our local events.

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1. We believe all medical treatments should be voluntary and patients should be given fully informed consent.

2. We recognize informed consent requires access to available medical data and differing scientific opinions. We oppose censorship of peer-reviewed medical data, expert testimony, and pharmaceutical injury testimony.

3. We support people in receiving the medical treatments of their choice, whether that is treatment is holistic, indigenous, spiritually-based, or pharmaceutical.

4. We advocate for the progress of medical science, which relies on open debate and public access to all medical data.

5. We oppose the suppression of health treatments, whether those treatments are natural, indigenous, or pharmaceutical (ex. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, homeopathy, various cancer treatments).

6. We support people in understanding the political, financial, and historical influences at play in scientific data. An accurate scientific perspective relies on transparency of these influences.

7. We oppose medical apartheid (targeting people due to skin color, religion, or ethnicity), medical racism, and non-consensual medical experimentation. We respect the Nuremberg Code as the ethical standard for medical testing.

8. We recognize that personal medical choices are made in the broader context of one’s moral, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual framework. We respect people using their own value systems to inform their medical choices.

9. We recognize the scientific method as a useful methodology of gaining knowledge and furthering medical progress, but it may not be sufficient to capture all truths and human experiences that relate to one’s health choices (such as morality and spirituality).

10. We welcome people from all walks of life and different belief systems with respectful behavior towards each other, without the pressure to accept each other’s differing belief systems. 


Reach us at: Healthfreedomforhumanitywa@gmail.com

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